Operational Due Diligence

Optimax Operational Due Diligence (O2DD)

Even the smallest details are significant when making the right investment decision, hence we offer an Operational Due Diligence service to ensure "decision accuracy".

When combined with Financial Due Diligence (FDD), the O2DD report becomes a powerful evaluation method for business entities. The result - minimising investment risks through uncovering “hard to find” operational inefficiencies.

Typical duration 4 weeks to 6 weeks at the client's site.

Since its incorporation in 2007, Optimax has executed over 78 high value assignments (combined investment value of USD 850 million) for its esteemed clientele, drawn from F500 MNCs, Financial Institutions, Family Firms and HNWIs. Almost all the ODDs executed are located in Asia notably in ASEAN, India and China.

Uses of O2DD

  1. Before investment or lending (typical pre M & A scenario):
    1. Quantify and assess the hidden and real-time operational issues not reflected in financial statements
      1. External factors: Local issues, challenges and environmental issues
      2. Internal factors: Operational issues, change management, capability factors
    2. In-depth review of health of the business for better evaluation
  2. After investment or lending (typical post M & A scenario):
    1. Design a comprehensive Operational Excellence Initiative
    2. Seamlessly integrate the newly taken over business with the Mother Business Unit
Operational Due Diligence

O2DD report advantages

  • In-depth review of operational situation of the targeted business
  • Uncovers camouflaged operational issues
  • Facilitates business risk assessment
  • Facilitates framing of better negotiation terms and conditions for investors/creditors
  • Establishes the credit worthiness of investment decisions