Operational Excellence

Results alone count, not reports - This sums up the focus of Operational excellence.

We design, develop and deliver comprehensive Operational Excellence (OE) with duly measurable and tangible results delivery on-site at real time. The OE programmes are effectively cross functional, breaks the silo, de-bottlenecks the work processes and seamlessly integrate the functions sans redundancy. Instead of delivering pockets of excellence, OE focuses on delivering sustainable bottom-line benefits against a stringent timeline as agreed. Typically OE focuses on cost, productivity, innovation, process redundancy with mandatory implementation of the best-practices/benchmarking (as appropriate) and easy to use operational indicator based performance management.

Our Esteemed Clients: We have successfully executed multilayered and cross-functional OE programmes across diversified industry sectors delivering measurable bottom line results across following sections of the business value chain, namely:

Back end: Raw material, Vendor & Purchase
Middle End: Planning & Scheduling, Operations, R & D, Maintenance, Systems Management Project Management
Front End: Sales, Marketing & Customer Services
Top End: Corporate Planning, Cascading of Business plan

Typical duration for an OE ranges from 25 weeks to 75 weeks depending on the coverage of the mandate, which may focus on one section of value chain or combination of multiple sections of the value chain.

Our experienced teams use LEAN SIX SIGMA and T.O.C frameworks to design, develop and implement solutions that improve your businesses’ performance. For seamless integration, we use the PRINCE2TM project management methodology. The end result: Timely delivery of targeted bottom line benefits in a sustainable manner.

Managing the Change and Buy In

Resistance to change is a reality that makes delivering due ownership challenging. That is why we strive for 100% buy-in from the rank and file of your organisation through a unique-consultant-process-owner partnership, during the implementation process. In the long run, this will realise and sustain bottom line gains.


  • Effective on-site implementation
  • Time-bound service delivery
  • Seamless knowledge transfer
  • Measurable bottom line benefits
  • PRINCE2TM Compliance
  • Assured return on investment