Clean Development Mechanisms

Enable your company to be more energy efficient, economically through our CDM service.

With in-depth knowledge in energy and environmental markets and energy and environmental policies, we can evaluate the CDM potential and provide comprehensive CDM solutions for your business.

Typical duration 2 weeks to 6 weeks at the client's site.

Clean Development Mechanisms

We execute the following 5 services

  1. Carbon Credit workshops: Conducting workshops for top and middle management
  2. Capability report: Studying and analyzing business operations vis a vis CDM
  3. Financing and facilitation
  4. Consulting and project management
    • Development and execution of Carbon Foot Printing roadmap
    • Making comprehensive assessment and feasibility studies for top management for informed decision making
    • Program design
      • Facilitation of Project Idea Note (PIN) preparation
      • Facilitation of Project Design Document (PDD) preparation
      • Facilitation and development of RFI & RFP
      • Conducting structured and focused CDM training for relevant personnel
      • Technology identification
      • Development of an implementation plan
      • Execution of the implementation plan
      • Realization of Carbon Credit ~ Green Money
  5. Facilitation of third party validation and verification services

About CDM

Under the aegis of Kyoto Protocol: Article 12, CDM is a multilateral agreement representing the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat global warming.

CDM offers financial returns for project developers in developing countries to implement projects. The implementation of CDM projects allows developers to claim carbon credits, which can be sold to provide additional revenues.